Non-volatile memory

Non-volatile memory (NVM) support team started working in 2004. Since that year the large amount of memory modules (EEPROM and Flash) were developed and qualified with memory wrappers using main interfaces: JTAG, SCAN, SPI. IP memory blocks are designed using following project norms: 0.8um, 0.5um, 0.35um, 0.18um.

Main NVM team tasks are a qualification of memory cells (EEPROM and Flash) for different technologies and a support of projects which contains EEPROM and Flash memory modules. NVM team employees have next skills: analog and digital design of schematics and layout using main CAD systems sush as Synopsys, Cadence, Mentor Graphics, prototyping of schematics on FPGA (Altera and Xilinx), testing and measurements of chip parameters.

The unique software and hardware system was developed by NVM team for measurement of designed chip parameters for testchips and finish products. That measurement system is used for the testing related to check the checking of the memory modules at high temperatures and the increased number of rewriting cycles.