Test and verification

  • Laboratory testing and measurement of IC parameters using modern measuring equipment, incl. PXI complexes from National Instruments. Our engineers have gained experience in developing techniques and hardware for measuring a wide range of parameters and characteristics of both analog and digital units.The existing equipment allows testing in a wide temperature range from -60 to +200 degrees with an accuracy of 1 degree.
  • Preparation of industrial testing of microcircuits on modern test-machines of various world manufacturers (LTX MX, Advantest T2000), including the development of test boards and test programs that meet the stringent reliability standards applied to electronic components for the automotive industry.
  • Development of standard libraries for test programs used in a variety of existing projects. We have created universal libraries for testing various types of memory (FLASH, EEPROM, OTP), ADC, as well as libraries for work with test interfaces and many others. All standard libraries are carefully debugged, tested and documented, what significantly reduces the development time of projects using them.
  • Development of software for analysis and statistical processing of measurement results. Specialized tools allow you to process large amounts of test data obtained as a result of industrial testing of microcircuits in production.
  • Customer support in the implementation of new products, incl. creation of demonstration boards, preparation of debugging tools, writing firmware for integrated controllers.